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Membership Application Software

Application & Review Cloud

Membership Application Software

Membership Management made easy, the OpenWater way.

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Still receiving Membership Application attachments via email?

No more digging through old emails to sort through application forms. The OpenWater Membership Application software simplifies and streamlines for better results.

Applicant Portal

OpenWater Software’s finesse starts here.

Our software comes fully customizable, so that you can add and drop features as you need. Your applicant portal is the first thing visitors and potential new members will see, so go ahead and make it your own.

Simple Payment & Approval Process

Paid? check. Approved? check.

Experience secure and easy payment using our platform. We support Credit/Debit Card, Cheque, and Paypal transactions, on almost any payment gateway.

Member Dues Reporting

Data is everything.

Keep tabs on the important things. Have everything in one place. Generate reports you can export easily.

Have a 360-degree insight into membership trends. Fully integratable with any website or CRM tool. Kick back, because our close-to-100% satisfaction rate support stuff have your back.

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OpenWater Resources

OpenWater Resources

See how other clients benefit for our software. Check out the collection of assets in our Resource Center to access the latest thought leadership, reports, and other tools.

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