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5 Tips to Boost Social Media Engagement at your Conference

5 Tips to Boost Social Media Engagement at your Conference

The actual day of your conference is busy, to say the least. You’ll be managing speakers, setting up furniture and food, overseeing A/V productions, and managing the general atmosphere. And, with all that going in, it’s easy to see why so many organizations drop the ball on the social content as their event unfolds.

But you won’t do the same.

Below, we explore five simple tips you can implement to stay in control of your social content at all times.


1. Designate One Person to Manage Your Social Accounts

It’s tempting to do it all as a conference manager, but you have enough on your plate. As such, you should delegate tweeting and other responsibilities to other staff members to ensure you aren’t sinking your own ship.

Ideally, you should have one or two people managing your social media presence before the abstracts conference. This prepares them in the basics of Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms and means they already understand the tone of your company and what is expected of each post.

Most importantly, it means that regardless of what may go wrong or come up, you’ll still have social content published consistently throughout the event.


2. Schedule Content to be Distributed Throughout the Conference

There are countless scheduling tools you likely use, so why wouldn’t you do the same during your conference? Prepare a slew of posts ahead of time relevant to different speakers or other sessions you have going on. Then, schedule the release of the content appropriately based on your conference schedule.


3. Pay Attention to Your Hashtag

You need to actively promote the use of your hashtag throughout your event so you can monitor what attendees are saying and repost content accordingly. You may even want to display content on a social wall, making hashtag monitoring even more important.


4. Get Feedback

You know social media isn’t about just barraging your audience with content; you need to engage with attendees. And, even if you can’t respond to attendees, it’s important that you solicit feedback during the event regarding how successful the content is.

This shows attendees that you care about their experience while allowing you to put the advice into practice on the scene. In all likelihood, this will only add to the positive experience attendees are sure to have at your upcoming abstracts conference.


5. Thank Your Attendees

As the conversations at your conference wind down, your content shouldn’t – at least not quite yet. Take the time to thank your attendees for coming and participating. You should also schedule content on all platforms in the days following the event to thank attendees, speakers, and sponsors alike.

Moreover, the days after your conference are an ideal time to gather photos, videos, and other content you collected and make it public. It’s a great way to keep attendees engaged and excited about your organization.


Don’t Let Social Slip Through the Cracks at Your Conference

Social media is a focal point of any abstracts conference from well before your event to well after it ends. Use the tips above to stay organized, engaged, and successful as you manage social media at your next conference!


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