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Learning Series: Sizing Up Entrants

Learning Series: Sizing Up Entrants

In order to have any semblance of an awards program, you must first have entrants. But, does the number of entrants matter? What about the quality of the entries? And, if these do matter, where are you supposed to find additional, high-quality submissions each year?

The Number and Quality of Entrants Matter

In short, both the number of entries you receive and the quality of the entries matter.

Awards programs gain prestige as they grow in size each year. That’s not to say you need thousands of entries to be successful, but you should look to increase the number of quality entries each year.

Also, entrants want to submit to programs in which they can be competitive. If you don’t have enough entries, those who want to compete and win against the best won’t likely enter.

Where to Find High-Quality Entrants

You already turn to your organizational members and others who may have expressed interest in your program to source entrants. However, this isn’t enough if you’re going to continue growing your program each year.

Instead, you must turn to other sources to publicize your call for entry and attract additional entries. Some of the best resources you can use to do so include:

  • Peer organizations
  • Customers of industry competitors; and
  • People or companies you wish would win your awards

Expand Your Entrant Pool and Prestige

Focusing on growing your program year over year is an important goal for any organization. By looking to peer organizations and other, similar resources to appeal to a wider audience, you can build prestige and notoriety simpler than you think.

Want more information about launching a new awards program? Check out our free online course Awards 101: The Missing Manual for Awards Professionals for the guidance you need!

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