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Should You Issue A Press Release for Your Awards Program?

Published July 15, 2014 in Leadership

Press releases. Most organizations are still using them, but a large portion of those people are asking themselves, “Are they even worth it?” After all, with the rise of social media as a viable source of news and information, who bothers to read a lengthy press release anymore. Wouldn’t it just be easier to forego the time and cost and try something different?

I see why you might feel that way, but actually, no. Though the topic is highly debated, most people seem to reach the same conclusion: despite the increasing popularity of social media, the traditional press release isn’t dead.

So don’t give up on the idea of writing a press release for your awards program yet: it’s still a significant awards marketing resource. The essence of a press release is perfectly tailored to getting the word out about your awards program.

What exactly is a press release?

A way to formally announce a noteworthy occurrence that has happened in your organization – like the launch of an awards program! Typically they are brief one to two page maximum articles that share the news item, provide relevant quotes, and supply appropriate background and contact information.

It’s not only a professional way to alert those in your industry, but also a good piece of content for your to use further in your marketing efforts, like sharing it on your social profiles and on your awards website.

Distributing a press release about your program gives it a degree of professionalism and legitimacy. After all, that’s what a press release is all about. It send the message that this is something important and special, not just to your organization, but also to the industry. It lets readers know these awards are something to which they should be paying attention. But don’t let the formality of a press release deter you; there is a way to write one for your awards program without sounding stiff and boring.

What do you think about press releases – are they still important?

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Miriam Hancock

Miriam Hancock
Miriam is the Marketing Coordinator for OpenWater. When she isn't writing and designing content she paints and cooks for her own personal blog.

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