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How OpenWater and Zoom Work Together

How OpenWater and Zoom work together

OpenWater is an official Zoom ISV (Integrated Service Provider). Zoom is the leading video conferencing platform. OpenWater uses Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinars behind the scenes to power its virtual conference platform.



How does the integration work?
OpenWater handles the automation around setting up a large number of meetings and webinars. When running a virtual conference there is a need for a large number of Zoom meeting and webinar rooms. Let’s say you had a virtual conference covering 3 days, with 25 sessions per day. That would mean you would need to setup 75 Zoom meetings or webinars manually. OpenWater does this work automatically.

Is the Cost of Zoom Included in the Platform Fee?
We include 10 concurrent meeting rooms each which can have 300 participants each. If your conference has larger needs we can provision the additional zoom licenses at no additional markup from Zoom’s pricing.

Can I use my own Zoom Accounts?
The integration works with OpenWater managed licenses or your organization’s licenses. OpenWater will need administrative access to your organization’s Zoom account if you prefer to use your existing licenses.