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How OpenWater and Microsoft Dynamics work together

Microsoft Dynamics is often the backbone of a larger system used by trade associations, medical societies, professional organizations and corporations. OpenWater works with many flavors of Dynamics including Dynamics 365. Due to the many ways Dynamics can be implemented, we suggest a quick call with one of our developers to find out how we can work with your specific setup. Continue reading to learn about some of the ways we work with Dynamics.



How does the integration work?
The most common integration is a field lookup as demonstrated in the animation. While completing an application in OpenWater, data can be searched and validated against what you have in Dynamics. Advanced integrations support pushing data back to your CRM records. In addition we can combine this with Azure Active Directory to support a full single sign on process.

What APIs do you use?
Often Dynamics is used in conjunction with another system such as Protech Alliance or Cobalt. In those cases we use the APIs provided by the subsystem.
If your organization is using Dynamics365 without a subsystem, we can go straight to the Microsoft Graph APIs. Some organizations also have their internal IT departments dictate specialized, specific API access. We are flexible, as long as there is a documented REST or SOAP based API we are able to work with your team to make the integration a success.