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How OpenWater and CiviCRM Work Together

How OpenWater and CiviCRM work together

CiviCRM is commonly used with WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal to power nonprofit associations. OpenWater Connects to CiviCRM to support common workflows such as single sign on and field push back.



How does the integration work?
OpenWater can read and write data to CiviCRM. The most common integration is a field lookup as demonstrated in the animation. While completing an application in OpenWater, data can be searched and validated against what you have in CiviCRM. Advanced integrations support pushing data back to your CiviCRM contact records.

What APIs do you use?
OpenWater uses the CiviCRM v3 APIs. Some CiviCRM vendors have built their own APIs, we are comfortable working with the APIs your team has established.

What is the timeline / cost?
The average CiviCRM integration takes 20 consulting hours.