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How OpenWater and CiviCRM work together

CiviCRM is commonly used with WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal to power nonprofit associations.



How does the integration work?
CiviCRM is typically designed to be used in concert with an underyling system: WordPress or Drupal. The underlying system must have a single sign on plugin installed. OpenWater recommends WP-OAUTH for WordPress and OAUTH Server SSO for Drupal. If your organization does not already have the plugin it must be installed by your existing web site administrator. The plugins can typically be installed in under 1 hour and carry a nominal license cost ($50-150).

For other integrations, such as data look up, look up of event registrations for virtual conference badges OpenWater will require access to the CiviCRM Rest API. Our team will require a user key (api-key) and site key (key). Temporary admin access will also be required for us to explore your configuration of CiviCRM. If admin access cannot be provided we will require a developer conversation to review the CiviCRM Entity Explorer (screenshot).