The OpenWater Platform services Fortune 100, Universities, Healthcare Systems and governments in public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises locations.

For more information please contact Tim at timspell [at] getopenwater.com.

OpenWater On-Premise

Run OpenWater on your servers, or in a data center of your choice, keeping your data in-house and under your control. OpenWater on-premises is software optimized and tested for mission critical environments and gives you priority access to security and stability fixes.

We provide you with docker images and a guided installation along with access to roll-outs of future versions of OpenWater.

OpenWater On-Premises is useful if you have requirements that the service must be hosted in a particular location/continent or if you have unique security requirements.

OpenWater Private Cloud

OpenWater DevOps team can manage a private cloud in tandem with your IT organization’s needs. Similar to the On-Premises model, this is dedicated infrastructure for your organization.

OpenWater Public Cloud Regions

The OpenWater Cloud Offering is hosted in public cloud regions throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia.