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Hundreds of associations use our software to run their awards


  • Make it easy

    Accept entries with a few simple clicks, let judges review submissions anywhere, and watch it all happen automatically

  • Make it fit

    Accept dozens of entries or tens of thousands, simple text answers, documents, or high definition video. Our system can handle them all easily, reliably, and securely.

  • Make it grow

    Increase submissions and revenue with built-in marketing tools to assure your awards are getting the attention they deserve.

  • Make it secure

    OpenWater understands that the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our customers’ information are vital to their business operations and our own success. We use a multi-layered approach to protect that key information.

Never Stop Learning.

Association Executive Playbook
Awards Administrator: Missing Manual
Integration Made Simple

Success stories from our clients

Molly Dall’erta, Society for Marketing Professionals

“It used to be months before we could get back to all the entrants about their submissions. I used to literally get emails asking if the packet had been lost in the mail. Now I get back to people in a few days. It’s awesome.”

Joanne Schecter , American Advertising Federation

“OpenWater is a company that treats you with a personal touch and we find that of great value. We have enjoyed the relationship we have built with them and have come to rely on them for the support that we need to continue to grow our program.”

Terry Laskey, International Interior Design Association

“Everything worked quite smoothly and we really appreciated how quickly the OpenWater team replied to our questions!”

Find out how OpenWater can make your awards amazing.

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