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Grant Management Software for Corporate Foundations

Application & Review Cloud

Grant Management Software for Corporate Foundations

Designed specifically to benefit corporate foundations and their charitable givings.

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The best way to administer your Corporate Philanthropy Program

Whether you’re a Grantee, Reviewer, or the Grant Administrator, OpenWater’s easy-to-understand platform helps you manage your Corporate Foundation’s Grants Lifecycle from beginning to end.

Applicant Portal

Make it Easy.

Draw more applicants to your Corporate Grant using a branded interface that keeps the focus on your mission.

On top of that, some of our key features are:

  • Online Drag-and-Drop style formbuilder
  • Compatible with Reference Attachments
  • Team based applications
  • Multi-category and dependent fields
  • Email Confirmations for Applicants

Review Process

Make it Quick.

With OpenWater’s administrative portal, reviewers can go online and access submissions at any time, anywhere, and on any mobile device. The review forms and processes are also all fully customizable, but come with most commonly used existing features like:

  • Single or multi-round review process
  • Committee based review capacity (including tiered judging permissions)
  • Save & Return (let’s reviewers save their scoring drafts)
  • Download to PDF (down all or specific applications to PDF to review offline)
  • Full offline review mode (perfect for in-person judging events)

Admin Control

Make it Intuitive.

The Administrative Control side of OpenWater’s Grants Administration Software is just as all-encompassing as the Applicant side.

Track, manage, and communicate with your applicants all in one easy-to-navigate dashboard. It’s also fully integratable with any other system out there, because we value flexibility over everything else. Our dedicated support staff are also on the other side of the portal, if in any case you require our assistance.

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