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Feature Spotlight: Validations

Feature Spotlight: Validations

All entries must be validated prior to submission. But, who’s to say how you should do this for your program and what makes the most sense for your entrants?

In many awards software systems, there is only one method of validation. Here at OpenWater, we have two to add greater flexibility to your system and to better meet your organizational needs.

Understanding Your Two Validation Options

Once you’ve selected your program and navigated to “Applicant Settings,” you’ll find both validation options:

  1. Validate Each Application Page on Save and Next; and
  2. Validate Entire Application on Save and Finalize/Add to Cart

The primary difference between the two is that the first option won’t allow applicants to proceed to additional pages in the application process without all necessary information on each page whereas the latter option will let applicants continue to navigate but won’t allow them to add the application to the cart without all necessary information.

As you can see in the screenshot below, all missing fields will be highlighted in red, regardless of which of the two validation options you select.

It’s up to you to select which of the two options better suits your needs. Either way, you’ll have fully validated entries before final submission.

Customize Your Validation Option

The validation upgrade is free to all current OpenWater customers. If you prefer to validate entries either of the two ways, navigate to applicant settings today to ensure the proper option is in place in your system!

Kunal Johar
Kunal Johar is the OpenWater platform evangelist. He currently manages our development teams and enjoys diving into the fray. Find him in our community chat room.

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