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End Abstracts Scheduling Nightmares With TED and OpenWater

End Abstracts Scheduling Nightmares With TED and OpenWater

If you’ve run an awards program in the past, you already know that scheduling the trajectory of events can be quite the challenge. The call-for-entry, judging, and gala or other celebratory event must match up to keep your program running smoothly.

The same can be said for abstracts programs, only scheduling becomes even more of a pressing problem.

Think about it: There’s the submission process, submission review, and then, the real work: Scheduling all submissions that are to be presented orally at the conference or other event being held. The larger the conference, the more difficult scheduling can be. Then, once scheduling is complete, you must notify each applicant regarding whether they’re presenting and when.

There’s a better way. Read on to see how the Teacher Education Division (TED) manages scheduling with OpenWater’s software and how you can do the same.

How OpenWater Supports Scheduling Needs

When scheduling presentations at a trade conference or an event held by your academic organization, determining where and when each presentation will be held can be challenging. If you use an outside platform, notifying each presenter and those who will attend can be challenging and time-consuming.

OpenWater simplifies this by allowing for all scheduling within the software.

In this screenshot from TED’s program last year, you can see what the calendar begins to look like when you drag and drop from the submissions to the time slots available on the calendar to the right.

Scheduling presentations in this way grants you full visibility as to what is happening and when, removing confusion – and extra steps – from the process. The best part is that upon finalizing the schedule, you can make it public for all to see. Of course, you may also send out a link to the schedule to all involved via email for an even simpler way to ensure everyone has received the necessary information.

Don’t Make Scheduling More Challenging Than it Has to Be

So much of your final conference success depends upon proper scheduling and preparation. With OpenWater, you can simplify the process and focus your attention on other, more pressing matters for your conference.

Visit our sister site: AbstractsApp.com to find out how OpenWater supports the rest of your abstracts program needs.