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Certification Management Software

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Certification Management Software

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All-in-one Certification Management Software

Help your candidates navigate their Certification Management Process using OpenWater's simple and easy workflow that sets you up for success


Submitting your application is just a couple of clicks away.

Impress your applicants and help them save time by using a software that supports large sets of submissions using a simple workflow.

We support features like:

  • High resolution file uploads (pictures, videos and documents)
  • Drag-and-drop form builder
  • Payments
  • Letters of reference
  • Multi-category and dependent fields

Review Process

The reviewing process is just as simple and intuitive as the application process.

With OpenWater’s administrative portal, reviewers can go online and access submissions at any time, anywhere, and on any mobile device. The review forms and processes are also all fully customizable, but come with most commonly used existing features like:

  • Single or multi-round review process
  • Customizable review criteria per program
  • Committee based review capacity (including tiered judging permissions)
  • Save & Return (lets reviewers save their scoring drafts)
  • Download to PDF (down all or specific applications to PDF to review offline)
  • Full offline judging mode (perfect for in-person judging events)

Unique & Useful Features

Unique to Certification Management Programs, we support the following features that really make OpenWater stand out from the rest, like autoscoring and submission eligibility limitations:

  • Autoscoring feature that lets you automatically add or subtract points based on your applicant’s answer
  • Submission Eligibility Rules feature, so that applicants must meet a minimum criteria before entering the applicant pool

Make Certification Management Simple With OpenWater



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