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How Can Automation Help You Craft a Better Program Admissions Process?

How Can Automation Help You Craft a Better Program Admissions Process?

Adaptable. Scalable. Measurable.

All but a few of the benefits of investing in a Program Admissions Software Tool.


1. No more guessing.

Traditionally students would have had to mail in their application, and admissions professionals had to comb through each application folder by hand. By taking your program admissions process online, not only are you saving time for the receiving end, but also impressing your applicants with how quickly and easily they can progress through their application. Especially with climbing application numbers and increased competition between applicants, automation can help you ensure that your student pipeline is kept robust across multiple admissions seasons.


2. Look good, Do good.

By using a program admissions software, you have the added benefit of capturing the look-and-feel of your program from the get-go. Through a user-friendly admissions tool with a sleek UI, your applicants won’t feel as overwhelmed as they might do when they’re faced with multiple tabs of information directing them to different forms and instructions.
If you need it to integrate with a specific AMS that you already have in place, be sure to check with the representative on how compatible it is with other systems.


3. Crunch the numbers.

Students can access all of their information online, and also review the status of their application in the same place, so finding out if their application has been accepted or rejected is pretty quickly when everything is done online/ Using a Software-as-a-Service tool to facilitate your program admissions process would also mean that the workflow on the receiving end is simplified astronomically, both in terms of managing the applications and generating analytics.


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