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Plenty of software programs let you collect entries online. But only OpenWater Awards is a true all-in-one software platform designed to streamline and simplify your entire awards program.

Forget manila folders. Ditch the spreadsheets. OpenWater Awards does it all.


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OpenWater at a Glance

Create a memorable awards website, proudly promote your program’s entrants and winners, and have complete oversight and control of the awards process, all in one system.

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Why OpenWater Awards is Better



  • With Traditional Awards Management …
  • Multiple systems are inevitable.

    Most online award management solutions begin and end with entry collection. Tracking, judging and logistics must be handled by hand, via email or on spreadsheets.

  • Look and feel is random.

    Many awards solutions force entrants to a seemingly unconnected site to upload their materials. This confuses users – and even costs associations revenue if submissions are abandoned.

  • Information is scattershot.

    Who’s started an entry? Who’s completed one? Which judges are finished? Which haven’t started? Without real-time reporting and analytics, it’s almost impossible to tell. And if you’re not informed, you can’t make informed decisions.


  • With OpenWater Awards Software …
  • One system is all you need.

    With OpenWater Awards, all tasks – by entrants, judges, chairs and administrators – are handled in one unified, fully integrated solution. Leave the juggling to kids’ birthday parties.

  • Branding is consistent.

    When you use OpenWater Awards, our team creates a custom-branded upload portal that matches your existing website and visual identity. Users will know they’re in a place they can trust.

  • You’re always in the know.

    OpenWater Awards’ advanced analytics capabilities eliminate confusion and simplify internal and external communication. Key reminders are sent automatically, and it’s easy to tell the status of any action item


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