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When Consistency Matters: Building Brand Awareness

Download the Ragan Communications Case Study [Awards]

“The OpenWater team worked with us every step of the way and were incredibly responsive to our unique needs.”

When Ragan brought OpenWater on board, Tyler Landry was in charge of running the company’s robust awards program. “Basically, this job involves juggling a lot of plates,” he said. “We’re always receiving entries for one award while judging entries for another. That means it’s imperative to have all of our information centralized in one spot – and OpenWater Awards is great for that.”

With OpenWater Awards, Ragan’s team can easily find any entry through several different types of searches, including name, invoice number or email address. “Being able to efficiently sort through our records and have fast, easy access to all materials as they are submitted has been instrumental to our growth and success,” Landry said.

Ragan Case Study

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