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OpenWater is a software platform that helps grow your awards, abstracts, fellowships, grants, and more!

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The OpenWater Growth Stack

OpenWater offers a full stack of products for accepting and reviewing applications.
Powerful alone. Even better used together.


Maintain a view of the entire award process. Our all-in-one platform simplifies the process. Gather important data and useful stats to expand your award’s brand.



Garner added prestige for your fellowship program. Streamline behind-the-scenes operations. Highlight talented fellows, past and present, to facilitate program expansion.



Manage applicants and applications with ease. Reduce repetitive administrative tasks. Gather data and promote the good your grants provide.



Make your next decision using our application and review software. OpenWater makes it easy to compare applicants accurately and fairly, and report results.



Conferences are driven by passion; their Abstract Management is driven by OpenWater. Accept submissions, promote papers, and build conference sessions. Save hours of time.



Promote your scholarship, simplify the evaluation process, and award deserving applicants using one easy-to-use tool: OpenWater.


With OpenWater, you’re in good company.

OpenWater software powers the most rigorous Awards,
Fellowships, Grants, Conferences, and Scholarships in the world.

Programs Managed on OpenWater


Total Applications Processed through OpenWater


Before OpenWater, we struggled a bit managing our numerous awards programs. We had a combination of email based applications and home built web-based forms that lacked the simplicity and sophistication our staff and members deserved. That all has changed with OpenWater. We not only use it for our awards programs, but also for grants, fellowships and generally anything that requires an application or judging process. All of this in one central system that integrates nicely with our association management system.

Our members and reviewers love it!

Reggie Henry, CAE

Chief Information & Engagement Officer


ASHA uses the OpenWater platform for awards programs, grant and scholarship applications, mentoring enrollment, course registration, volunteer applications and leadership programs. The flexibility of the OpenWater platform functionality is crucial to efficiently and successfully manage these various types of programs, each with unique requirements.

Jill Straniero

Digital Product Manager

American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA)

OpenWater is a company that treats you with a personal touch and we find that of great value. We have enjoyed the relationship we have built with them and have come to rely on them for the support that we need to continue to grow our program.

Joanne Schecter

Executive Vice President, Club Services

American Advertising Federation

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Managing an awards, fellowship, scholarship, or grant program is complex. The good news? OpenWater software helps you simplify processes, maximize returns, and grow your program. We’ve helped more than 3,000 institutions. We can help you, too. Choose an option below.