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7 Quick Tips on How to Make This Year Your Best Call for Papers Yet

Published August 23, 2017 in Leadership

The call for papers sets the tone for your entire conference. It’s when you know how many entrants you’re going to have and the general landscape of your event. That being said, it’s important you invest in techniques that will make this conference your best yet.

Below, we outline seven quick tips on how to market your call for papers. Doing so will make it simple to drive more traffic to your website and other marketing platforms.

1. Create Great Content

Great content, both on your website and on social media, is one of the simplest ways to draw a crowd for your call for papers. This means you should use videos, images, infographics, and stories to not only draw attention to your event, but to do so while convincing potential attendees that they should submit a paper as well.

2. Send Emails

Just sending an email to announce the beginning of the call for papers period isn’t going to generate the results you’re looking for. Instead, you must create campaigns packed with information and inspiration to submit a paper.

Remember to segment your target audience members as well to specifically address different interests and preferences.

3. Social Media

Don’t just post about the call for papers but encourage others to share and post about it as well! You can do so by offering an incentive, like a free ticket to your conference to one person who shares the event.

You should use social media strategically as well! For example, include social sharing buttons in every email so that if an attendees wants to share news about your organization, they can. This is free advertising for your organization and the call for papers period generally.

4. Start a Blog

You don’t have to create a blog specifically for your Call for Papers. However, you should create a blog and use it to showcase stories about your conference and other relevant information that you can then share on social media and other platforms.

5. Guest Post on Other Blogs

You shouldn’t only advertise on your own platforms when you want to build brand prestige. Instead, you should find industry-related blogs you can guest post on to share your knowledge of a topic and work in a plug for your conference.

6. Use PR to Your Advantage

PR helps your website’s SEO, making you more visible, while building brand prestige further. After all, the interconnectedness between your brand and others is a simple way to get your name out to more interested audience members while increasing the number of qualified papers you receive.

7. Publish Your Conference on Listings Websites

There are countless listings websites you can publish your event on. While this doesn’t mean you should post on all of them, it does mean you should seek out sites where your target audience tends to hang out.

Doing so will broaden your conference reach without costing your organization a fortune.

Your Best Call for Papers is Yet to Come

There are countless methods you can try to publicize your call for papers and generate meaningful, qualified papers for your conference. If you’re looking to do so right now, the seven tips above are a great place to start.

Will you implement any of the seven tips above during your next call for papers period? Share your thoughts or strategies in the comments below!


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