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7 Features You Want in Your Competition Management Software

7 Features You Want in Your Competition Management Software

Are you getting the most out of your Competition Management Tool?


1. Look for a User-Friendly Interface

Ensuring a smooth competition experience from the get-go is crucial in managing a good competition. When partnering with a competition management software, make sure the interface has a clean-cut feel, and can be easily navigated by users of any level of technical proficiency.


2. Flexible Features that do it all

A good competition management software should be able to do it all. No one competition is similar to another – even from year-to-year – meaning that the best software is one that can seamlessly accommodate these changes.


3. Comes out-of-the-box with built-in Marketing Tools

Opt for a software solution that comes with built-in marketing features to launch your competition, hassle-free. OpenWater’s Competition Management Software comes out of the box with branding capabilities to launch your page that has the look and feel of your company.


4. Easy-To-Manage Backend

Using OpenWater, you’ll find that the easiness with which you can navigate the admin portal is unmatched by any of our competitors. By being able to view and access all of your submissions and entries on one crisp dashboard, managing your competition process just gets a whole lot easier.


5. Transparent Review Process

An ideal competition management partner makes the review process simple, intuitive, and transparent. Deliver results using a software that really allows your judges to deliberate and come to a conclusion, almost as though they would have if they had met physically in a boardroom.


6. Showcase Participants and Winners

Does it allow you to showcase your participants’ and winners’ works? A public galleries feature is a “must” when it comes to looking for a Competition Management Software, because not only is it a great marketing tool, but also a huge advantage to have if your competition involves a public vote of the submissions.


7. Secure Payment Gateway

Most competition involve some form of entry fee. If your competition involves some form of payment to enter, make sure that your Competition Management partner supports secure and easy payment processing, so that your entrants are guaranteed a smooth payment experience.


Does your Competition Management Tool measure up?

Annika is a Content Marketing Associate at OpenWater. When she's not writing, you can find her driving boats on the Potomac River and drinking coffee in front of her roommate's window AC unit.

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