6 Things with Better ROI than a Themed Awards Ceremony

6 Things with Better ROI than a Themed Awards Ceremony

It’s almost the end of the year, which means it’s time for those Awards Ceremonies to start coming up! But as your company’s event manager, do you feel like bursting into flames every time you have to plan another 1920s-Speakeasy themed party?

Here are our list of 6 Awards Ceremony Ideas that’ll guarantee a great night for all your attendees, without you having to see another ill-fitting flapper dress ever again.

1. Hire a bigshot Emcee

Having a professional speaker or an emcee host your event can make a huge difference. Your CEO or CMO already have plenty on their plates on the day of the event, that running the event itself might just be too much for them to take on. By hiring an emcee, not only are you able to take the pressure off them, but also ensure that the event runs smoothly, on time, and all the more memorably.

2. Invest in thoughtful centerpieces

If there’s budget to be spent on your Awards Ceremonies, definitely spend it on something memorable, like table centerpieces. A good example of having a theme without hitting your attendees over the head with is the NYC Women’s Leadership Council’s Annual Fundraiser Luncheon. Their tables were adorned with children’s books as centerpieces to honor their benefit organization that helps children learn to read. Not only are they great conversation starters, but also a cost-effective way to send a thoughtful message to your attendees about the event and your organization.

Source: BizBash


3. Don’t skimp on location

Just having your awards ceremony take place in a great location can alone make your event stand out amongst the rest. For example, if your awards ceremony is art-related, simply by hosting a party at a historic institution like the Whitney, from guest attendance and sponsor recognition alone you are bound to get the return on your investment.

Source: BizBash


4. Hire a dessert chef

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a dessert chef or a dessert bar – but just a memorable novelty that your guests would associate fondly with the event. It could be a made-to-order free-flow drinks bar, an exotic fruit station or a giant fondue fountain – give your guests something to nosh on that isn’t table canapes.

Source: BizBash


5. Invest in a big photo wall

In today’s social media age, there’s so much brand recognition value you can get out of just having a big photo wall. You can even have props with an event hashtag on them that you can nudge your attendees to post on their social media with, thereby increasing your brand recognition online as well.

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6. Hire a Band or a DJ for the party

More and more awards ceremonies are moving in the direction of having the ceremony part of the event be separated from the party, which means all the more effort is needed to keep your attendees around! Invest in a Band or a DJ, depending on your crowd, and get your attendees on the dance floor!
Run your next Awards Ceremony like a pro – ditch the corny themes and really show your employees, attendees, and sponsors you care by paying attention to detail.

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