Why You Should Choose a Zoom Virtual Conference Platform

Why You Should Choose a Zoom Virtual Conference Platform

I’m sure you’re aware that Zoom is an A.V. software that is easy to use. At OpenWater, we choose to use Zoom in our virtual conference platform for that very reason. It is easy to use.

Zoom makes it easy for attendees, sponsors, and administrators at a virtual conference. It is accessible, reliable, and recognizable.

In this article, you’ll learn why a Zoom virtual conference is the best choice. Also, we will compare Zoom with similar software and discuss ways to learn best practices.

A Zoom virtual conference platform is reliable

We use Zoom in our virtual conferences because it is reliable. The software can handle over 300 million users worldwide all at once.

Large organizations like the American Association of Geographers have hundreds of sessions. Many of those sessions run concurrent and contain thousands of attendees. OpenWater can handle this in the Zoom virtual conference platform no sweat.

Another great thing about Zoom is that it is scalable. You don’t need to have a giant conference with thousands of attendees. Zoom works anything from the smallest webinars to the largest conferences.

At OpenWater, we understand that annual conferences and meetings are important to organizations. For the most part, failure is not an option. So, we hold ourselves at a high standard. We do anything we can to insure your virtual conference is bulletproof.

Lots of People Use Zoom Already

We are often asked about similar software to Zoom (i.e. GoToMeeting and WebEx). While these are powerful platforms, none of them are as accessible as Zoom.

Zoom allows integrations that automate user permissions. This part gets a little technical. To simplify, Zoom is useful for virtual conferencing because it recognizes a user’s role when entering a session.

For example, if an attendee wants to join a session, Zoom will know it’s an attendee. If a conference manager joins a session, Zoom will know it’s a manager and automatically assign them as a host.

Now let’s get a little more technical. Zoom can integrate with your AMS/CRM to enable single sign-on for users. So now, you don’t have to make your members create new Zoom accounts to log in. Members can have same login credentials for your website! Now that’s what we call streamlined.

This is a game changer for many organizations. It relieves the headaches that undoubtedly arise when hosting a conference. At OpenWater, we try to make our virtual conference platform as easy to use as possible.

How Can I Learn to Use Zoom?

Whether you’ve been using Zoom for months or it’s your first time, it’s good to have a refresher every now and then. OpenWater provides free weekly office hour training sessions for Zoom virtual conference events.

On Tuesdays at 4pm EST, we offer Zoom training for virtual conference speakers and moderators. It’s a great way to get a general overview of the Zoom platform. You’ll learn how to use basic features such as sharing your screen, setting a virtual background, or gathering poll data.

On Mondays at 4pm EST, we offer training for in-room technicians. It’s an opportunity for administrators to learn how to use more advanced features. Learn to handle Pre-recorded video playback, Managing Wait Rooms, and Using Breakout Rooms in this session.

If you’d like to learn more but can’t attend training sessions, you can always download OpenWater’s On-Demand Zoom Training for Virtual Events.