How to Select the Right Virtual Conference Services

How to Select the Right Virtual Conference Services

Many virtual conference platform providers will sell you their product and then disappear. Not OpenWater. We provide virtual conference services to ensure your online event is bulletproof.

OpenWater’s virtual conference management services are with you from beginning to end.  We understand how much events, conferences, and meetings contribute to the bottom line.  

OpenWater’s virtual conference management services are with you from beginning to end.

Our sales team will help you build out a virtual conference package that works for you. Then, project managers will build out a customized platform that suits your organization. 

During the conference, we’ll be there to make sure everything runs smoothly. After the conference, we’ll provide the analytics you need to reflect on a job well done.

In this article, we’ll get in to how OpenWater helps your virtual conference succeed. Step by step, we’ll run through our virtual conference services before, during, and after the conference.


Package Platform Features & Services

Your first stop with OpenWater will likely be a demo call with a product expert. During the call, we will get an understanding of your vision for the conference. 

On these initial calls, we’ll work together to build a package that makes the most sense. We’ll work on balancing the amount of support and the amount of platform features you’ll need.

Below is a list of free training options with OpenWater’s virtual conference platform:

Other options include Live Support, Event Staff / Technician Training, Pre-recording A.V. Support and more!

Feel free to schedule a demo with one of our product experts here.

Conference Platform Build-Out

OpenWater’s project managers will work with you to build a custom conference website. We can match the look and feel of your organization’s main website to optimize branding. 

The website will act as the “hub” for your attendees and sponsors. 

Note that OpenWater is with you every step of the way in this process. We will go through three rounds of revisions with you. Then, we will  provide training on how to make edits to the website yourself. 

Free Training for Attendee & Speakers

We learned a lot from helping over 150 organizations run virtual conferences in 2020. 

One major thing we learned is that preparation is everything. Anything you can do to make sure your presenters are comfortable with OpenWater’s platform will make a HUGE difference.

OpenWater provides many free training resources to choose from. Please see below for a few examples.

You can also schedule customized training sessions with us at any time. Additionally, OpenWater will schedule rehearsals with you before the conference. 

We will work with your session chairs and moderators 1-1. We’ll help  practice the small things that might trip them up when the conference is live, such as:

  • Promoting speakers
  • Muting and unmuting attendees
  • Turning on and off the camera, and more!


Day of Conference Support

OpenWater can provide you with the level of support you need during your conference. Our level of support scales up or down depending on your needs.

If you need us, we are there. If you don’t need us, we’re still available to help.

Some organizations we work with only need one OpenWater staff member to “float” around the conference and only step in when needed.

Other organizations need two OpenWater staff members in every session at all times. One to introduce presenters and another for technical support.

OpenWater’s level of support depends on your needs! If your organization has a small staff, you might need more of us to help out. If your organization has plenty of staff, we’ll still be around. We use communication software like Slack and Basecamp to remain in the loop in case we are needed.

After the Conference

Like I said, OpenWater is with you every step of the way. 

Everything that happens in OpenWater’s virtual conference platform can be recorded.  When it’s all said and done, we will provide your organization with the data and analytics they need. 

Organizations that provide CE credits to their attendees have found this particularly helpful. 

Also, OpenWater will keep the conference site up and running for your attendees to go back to. 



Events contribute significantly to the bottom line for many organizations. In most cases, there is very little room for error.

Many organizations aren’t running virtual conferences because they want to. It’s because they need to as a result of the pandemic. Pivoting to a virtual conference has been tough. That’s why it’s so important provide the support that is required.

OpenWater is there for your organization every step of the way. Your organization might depend on the success of your virtual conference. That’s why we hold ourselves to the highest standard.

To learn more about how OpenWater can help, schedule a demo with one of our product experts.