Going Virtual - Virtual Conference Resources for Associations

During the onset of the crisis OpenWater worked directly with the American Association of Geographers to help their team transition AAG's annual meeting to virtual in three weeks.

On May 1st we held a webinar with Oscar Larson, AAG's Conference Director and ASAE's Reggie Henry to reflect on the experience and offer up our advice as a resource for transiting to virtual.

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Quick Links to Portions of the Webinar by Discussion Points

  • Q: AAG's story and timeline for going virtual?

  • Q: How did attendees rate the virtual conference experience, what were the attendee survey results?

    AAG Attendee's rated the virtual conference at 3.92 / 4

  • Q: How did you prepare your speakers with technical guidance to operate a webinar and administer sessions?

    Additional Resources

    AAG's Toolkit for Presenters

    2020 AAG Virtual Sessions FAQ (AAG)

  • Q: Do you suggestion having presentations over a live webinar or using a pre-recorded method?

  • Q: What was the tech stack, what tools did you utilize to transition the annual meeting to virtual?

  • Q: Did you examine multiple tools like Zoom and GoToMeeting, what tool did you choose and why?

  • Q: Did you take into account any security issues with Zoom?

  • Q: How did you communicate to attendees what was happening, what resources were provided?

  • Q: What do you think AAG (your association) gained by going virtual?

  • Q: What did you do to keep attendees engaged in the experience of a virtual conferece?

  • Q: How did you enable attendees to start discussions with presenters?

  • Q: How did AAG's conference and ASAE's conference fair when it came to attendance?

  • Q: What are you learning with regards to pricing a virtual conference?

  • Q: How should associations approach pricing a virtual event?

  • Q: What timeline were you working with to transition to virtual?

  • Q: Based on this experience, how will your strategy change for 2021 and beyond when it comes to physical events?

  • Q: How did your marketing change once you announced moving to virtual?

  • Q: What would AAG do differently next time there is a virtual event?

  • Q: How did you manage the relationship with your hotel partner?

  • Q: What was the cost to put on a virtual conference, what staff and partners were needed?

  • Q: What are some options to retain sponsors and provide sufficient exposure?

  • Q: Can you go into a little bit of detail of what it was like breaking the news to sponsors and what options you worked out with sponsors?

  • Q: What was it like aligning your partners and staff to handle a virtual conference vs. a physical conference?

  • Q: How did live streaming a presentation impact engagement?

  • Q: How did you fair in terms of revenue, and what was the impact on your budget?

  • Q: If you had to do this again, what is the ideal amount of time for planning?

  • Q: How many Zoom licenses was required to pull off the virtual conference?