Virtual Conference Companies

Virtual Conference Companies

What Virtual Conference Companies are Right for Your Conference?

After hosting over 150 events on our virtual conference platform, we determined what makes the best virtual conference companies.

Every conference management team and event is unique. Since every event and team is unique, most organizations find it challenging to find the best virtual conference companies.

Whether you’re looking for a company to help run your virtual conference or your academic symposium — it’s important to approach possible conference partners with questions about the virtual conference company and product.

3 Crucial Questions When Selecting the Best Virtual Conference Company

  1. Does the company bundle their products with Support / Implementation Services?
  2. Does the company’s virtual conference product face the issue of mimicking an in-person conference with virtual reality?
  3. Will the virtual conference company help me build a sponsorship package?

Should I Select a Company that Works with Zoom?

Find a virtual conference company that is partnered with Zoom, like OpenWater.

Millions of people use Zoom everyday to connect with friends, host webinars and conduct meetings. So, it’s likely your conference attendees and speakers have used Zoom before.

Furthermore, some companies have professional grade training for anyone who needs a Zoom onboarding session for virtual events. So even if you’ve never used Zoom, there are options to easily learn how to operate on the platform.

OpenWater offers free virtual conference office hours for anyone looking to master Zoom.

Find a Company that Knows What Sponsors Want from a Platform

It’s important to find a company that understands what sponsors are looking for. At OpenWater, we attend virtual events as sponsors. So, We know the challenges you might be hearing from your sponsors.

Often there are two main issues for sponsors at a virtual conference:

A lack of involvement in conference programming
Difficulty navigating a clunky virtual conference platform

Here is an example checklist of what sponsors are looking out for:

  • Can we deliver thought leadership through a dedicate session that is built into the core agenda?
  • Is the conference platform too obscure? Will it impede our ability to get leads and promote resources?
  • Will we have a chance to send attendees messages before and after the conference?
  • Can we sponsor specific sessions that align with our products? Are the logo placements and brand mentions broadly based?

To sum it up, there’s a lot of boxes sponsors need to check before deciding to invest in your virtual conference. So it’s best to find a virtual conference company that knows how to deliver.

Want to see what OpenWater can offer your sponsors? Check out our sponsorship prospectus.
You may also schedule a demo with us to learn more about how our virtual conference platform can deliver your sponsorship needs.

Why a Virtual Conference Company’s Services Are as Important as its Product Features

Find a virtual conference company with services included.
We recently surveyed 100 people searching for the best virtual conference platform and we found that about half wanted to find a virtual conference company that offered services for implementation and support.

Our customers agree that our virtual conference management services were just as important to them as utilizing a reliable platform.

Great support combined with an easy to use platform enabled our team to impress our members. – Liz Giannini, Senior Operations Manager at CESSE

Anecdotally speaking, the best virtual conferences are typically backed by a virtual conference company’s high quality services.

What Features should Virtual Conference Companies Have in their Platform?

Features alone won’t make a platform — or a company — great to work with. Virtual conference companies that offer a mix of services to complement the platform are often desired as much or even more so than any specific feature.

To expand on this, technology alone will not make or break your conference. A lot more goes into a conference than the virtual conference platform alone.

That being said, we’re always testing new features. But we believe most conferences are sufficient as long as you have the best company to back it up.

If you’d like to learn more about how a virtual conference company can help you put on the best online event, please schedule a demo. We’d love to hear from you!