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[ON DEMAND WEBINAR] How to Plan Your 2021 Conference Format

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[ON DEMAND WEBINAR] How to Plan Your 2021 Conference Format

Associations that rely on events to drive revenue face an uncertain 2021 conference environment but need to start planning now. We discuss how to plan tomorrow’s large events in today’s chaotic circumstances.


  • Tim Spell, CEO , OpenWater
  • Chris Gloede, past CMO of the American Bar Association and now Chief Consultant at Ricochet Advice

You’ll Learn

  • Why next year’s conference planning will be even harder than 2020
  • A four-step approach for conference format decision making
  • How to incorporate scenario plans into your decision process
  • Why registration demand can differ for different formats
  • How to tailor sponsorships to your event format
  • How to set up a hybrid event while minimizing costs
  • The top virtual platform design problem that leaves attendees unhappy