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How PRSA Georgia Runs a State-of-the-Art Awards Program

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How PRSA Georgia Runs a State-of-the-Art Awards Program

“In our profession, we expect ourselves to be on top of the newest technology. Being able to achieve that goal and provide members with a better user experience is awesome.”

As the second largest chapter of the Public Relations Society of America, PRSA Georgia attracts a great deal of attention through its annual Phoenix Awards program.

About a year ago PRSA Georgia decided to make the switch from a manual, paper-based process for their awards to a fully automated awards management system to improve the application process for entrants, and to eliminate the headaches that come from running awards manually. They chose OpenWater Awards.

With OpenWater Awards, PRSA Georgia was able to translate their unique program to a fully automated online system that made the awards process easier for everyone. “Everything we needed to make it work the way we wanted was there for us,” said Denise Grant, COO of PRSA Georgia. After completing their first awards season with OpenWater they received rave reviews about the application and review process from both entrants and judges.