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Customer Interview – How to Spur Virtual Conference Networking

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Customer Interview – How to Spur Virtual Conference Networking

Routinely we’re hearing from associations and higher education organizations that their 2020 virtual conference lacked networking. In this interview we’ll discuss how one of our virtual conference customers created vibrant networking at their 2020 conference, “Connection 2020: An NCORE Experience.”

NCORE stands for The National Conference on Race & Ethnicity in American Higher Education. In this 30 minute interview, we’ll discuss how the team at NCORE deliberately changed the framework of their conference to accommodate a virtual setting and enabled networking.

Interview Speakers

  • Jane Irungu, Ph.D., Executive Director for the Southwest Center for Human Relations Studies.
  • Belinda Biscoe, Ph.D., Interim Senior Associate Vice President for Outreach/College of Continuing Education
  • Justin C. Lincks – Program Coordinator
  • Kerri K. White, Ed.D. – Director of Engagement and Public Service