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OpenWater Interactive

Awards Marketing and Consulting

Our awards marketing consultants are at your side, every step of the way with guidance and support for growing your awards program.

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Awards Website Design

An award program is the public face of your organization. Shouldn’t the website for the award look as prestigious as the award that is given? Make your website for awards stand out and have it easy to navigate with a clean homepage, judge page, historical winners gallery and entrant portal.

OpenWater Interactive knows awards and is the only company out there that specializes in creating custom websites for award programs. Let us create your awards program a digital masterpiece.


“Inbound” Awards Marketing

  • Marketing Strategy & Planning: An OpenWater integrated “inbound” marketing plan has the potential to transform your awards program and organization.  Whether the goal is to grow your program or take it to the next level, having a solid marketing strategy is no longer a nice to have for awards, it’s critical.
  • Content Creation: We’ll help you create effective website content, emails and news releases that tell your story and attract customers through search results. We can help you target your content and write an effective title to get your news higher search visibility. We’ll help you write them, and then optimize them to get seen by more people.
  • PR & Social Media: OpenWater ensures that your PR and social media plans mesh with your marketing and awards marketing plan – generating quality entries and engaging the right people.
  • Digital Marketing: Get the right information to the right people with targeted ads, social media advertising and press releases.
  • Entry Writing Services: Having written and read tons of award entries, we can spot a winning story, or just a small twist in an otherwise average story that could make it a winner.  Give your entrants the ability to utliize our expert content writing services and we’ll work with the client one-on-one to craft the perfect entry.

Awards Management & Consulting

  • Awards Process Consulting & Planning: In addition to marketing assistance OpenWater can help craft the entire awards process from beginning (call for entry) to the end (awards ceremony).  Not sure about what questions to include in your application? Are you unsure how to structure your judging criteria? Let us help and bring the years of experience we have in the awards industry and apply it to your program.
  • “Sales” For Awards: Need help getting more entries? Sometimes it’s not as easy as just providing a link to your awards website. A phone call targeted to a known potential entrant inviting them to apply is sometimes all it takes. Let us make the calls for you!
  • Judge Recruitment: You’ve created a great awards entry process but are not sure how to gather as expert judges. Let us help! We’ll research and recruit a panel of judges based on the mission of your awards program.
  • End to End Awards Process Support: Anyone who has been the main point of contact for an awards program knows how much time and effort is required to have a successful year. OpenWater staff can act as an independent third party to run and administer the entire awards program and provide you with on-going progress reports of what’s going on.