How OpenWater and Guidebook Work Together

How OpenWater and Guidebook work together

Guidebook is a mobile application used for events. Guidebook has a do-it-yourself online app builder and is one of the cheapest ways to get started with a mobile app. OpenWater data can be imported into Guidebook to show authors and abstracts who are presenting.



How does the integration work?
Collect your abstracts, authors, and sessions in OpenWater. OpenWater provides a Guidebook compatible import file you can use to show the data in your mobile app.

What APIs do you use?
OpenWater exports data into a Guidebook approved CSV format. Advanced integrations with Guidebook are available.

How Often is Data Updated?
For most Guidebook users, cost is the major concern, as such we recommend a single data export as you near your event. Last minute adjustments can be made inside the Guidebook app builder.

What is the timeline / cost?
There is no charge to integrate OpenWater with Guidebook.