Examples of Virtual Conferences, What So Many Platforms get Wrong

Examples of Virtual Conferences, What So Many Platforms get Wrong

Online event vendors have saturated the virtual events market. Currently, there are countless virtual conference platform “solutions” to help organizations address their virtual conference needs.

But, there is one fatal flaw that many of these solutions have in common.

What So Many Virtual Event Platforms Get Wrong

The fatal design flaw with so many virtual conference platforms often involves skeuomorphism.

Skeuomorphism is the mimicry of real-world objects in a virtual space.

To illustrate, think about how some event platform providers put you in a virtual world. There’s a front desk and a virtual hallway that leads to a virtual stage with a virtual crowd.

Platform providers like these take your in-person conference and makes it virtual.

The problem is that creating a virtual conference isn’t as simple as that. A 1-1 conversion from real life objects to a virtual setting is not an effective way to put on a virtual conference.

At OpenWater, we continue to hear concerns about skeumorphism. That’s why we designed a platform to keep things simple and easy to understand.

OpenWater’s virtual conference platform takes the content of your conference and puts it in a virtual context. We’ve carved a strong niche with scientific, academic, and medical organizations’ conferences.

We don’t waste time recreating the feeling of entering a real-life exhibit hall. That’s impossible. OpenWater will lay out the most important aspects of your conference in a digestible, easy to use web page.

Virtual Conference Examples

Virtual Conference Homepage Design Example

Our conference homepage is inclusive yet simplistic. It helps users get the information they need without being overwhelming. There’s no need for users to navigate through a whole new software just to access your conference.

Also, this page is fully customizable. You get to decide how your participants will be greeted on the conference homepage.

Virtual Event Examples for the Conference Schedule Page

The session gallery contains a list of several different sessions available at the conference. Attendees can add sessions to their personal calendars. They also have the option to star and build out a tailored agenda. Additionally, simple search tools are included so attendees can quickly filter to find sessions of interest.

It’s a common belief that conference organizers must simplify their events to ease the transition to a virtual conference. But, this is totally inaccurate.

With this simple layout, OpenWater’s virtual conference platform can handle multiple concurrent sessions. The size and complexity of your conference is easily transferrable to our virtual platform’s design.

Session Page Example for Conference Software

Event speakers are often concerned about their material getting lost in the shuffle. This is especially true with larger virtual conferences. To address this concern, OpenWater insures that material will stand out to its niche audiences

Each session view automatically populates with the following:

  • A session recording
  • Speaker bios
  • Headshots
  • Session descriptions
  • Downloadable resources
  • Post-session surveys, and more!

Examples of a Sponsor Gallery, or Exhibit Hall at a Virtual Conference

Sponsors and exhibitors play a critical role in the funding and future operation of conferences. It’s vital to make sure sponsors don’t get lost in the mix when transitioning to virtual.

OpenWater provides a prominent, yet non-invasive sponsor gallery on the event website. The sponsor gallery includes a list view of as many sponsors as you need.

The page stays active for a year, which allows continual engagement from event attendees. Simple search tools make it easy for attendees to sift through a large volume of exhibitors.

Virtual Conference Sponsor Booth, Sponsor Page Example

Each sponsor has their own dedicated sponsor page that tailors their offerings to meet attendee needs. This includes flexible call to action buttons to optimize lead generation. Sponsors can showcase videos, resources and social media links. Additionally, OpenWater will automatically configure images to fit the build of the virtual conference software.

Virtual Conference Poster Gallery Example

Many scientific and medical conferences have a poster gallery that displays projects that relate to the event.

Your virtual conference site can contain an optional poster gallery. An easy to use search tool to sort through relevant projects is included.

Virtual Conference Poster Page Example

Each poster page can include:

  • A file upload of the poster
  • MP4 video of the presenter explaining the poster
  • Poster descriptions
  • Presenter info
  • A direct link to chat with the presenter in the networking lounge

Virtual Conference Networking Software Platform Example

Networking between attendees, presenters, exhibitors and organizers is one of the top concerns we hear in our client interactions. How can we reimagine brushing shoulders with someone in the hallway?

On the virtual conference website is an embedded tool that allows attendees to network. Everyone can opt in or out of networking, build their own profile, and set notifications for chat reminders.

Networking Profile

Networking Lounge, Conference Attendee Directory

Attendees can create their own chat rooms, browse different chat rooms, and message other attendees to chat one-on-one. If the conversation is going great and they want to jump into a meeting, just click the “start call” button and your new friend will be invited to a video chat to talk more in-depth about the conference content.

How Virtual Conference Attendees Can Start Networking

The biggest concern we hear from prospects and clients is that they’ve never done a virtual conference before and don’t want this first trial to be a poor experience for their members.

We get that this landscape is new to most. OpenWater offers hands-on engagement with a designated project manager that has conducted 20+ conferences. Our event managers understand what might lie ahead to put you at ease.

The event manager will be your trusted ally. They’ll be there throughout the conference buildout and implementation. You’re free to meet weekly or biweekly with your event managers.

Example of Zoom Training for Virtual Conferences

We have many customers who bring a whole team into the mix. For teams, OpenWater offers complimentary staff and speaker trainings on a weekly basis. This free tool trains individuals on the upcoming conference. We offer free rehearsals to relieve anxiety for those who need some hand holding to see the conference through.

Interested in learning more about how we can help take your event virtual? Request a demo below. We’d love to learn more about your conference goals and objectives!