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Event Registration Software

Event Cloud

Event Registration Software

Simplify your Events Registration process - easier done than said.

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The only way to plan your events.

Running a trade show? Organizing a conference? Managing a townhall meeting? This is the only way to plan your events.

Event Registration Forms

Planning an event is no easy deal.

Tried-and-true Event Registration. Have all the information your guests need in one easy-access Registration Portal. It's also fully customizable, so you can brand it the way you want for your event.

Noteworthy Features

Rich and powerful features, easily tweaked to suit your specific needs.

Some of our supported features include:

  • Online Drag-and-Drop style formbuilder
  • Multi-category and dependent fields
  • Email Confirmations for Applicants
  • Credit/Debit card/Cheque payments
  • Single sign-on capability
  • Cloning feature for recurring events

Event Fees & Payments

Easy-to-use Payment Gateway.

Register and pay, all in one simple workflow. Our secure Payment platform accommodates credit/debit cards, payment by cheque, and paypal transactions.

Event Registration stripped down to the basics with OpenWater



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Request a Demo

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OpenWater Resources

OpenWater Resources

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