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Free Online Course:
The Missing Manual for Awards Professionals

Everything you need to know about running your awards program all in one place.

Awards 101: The Missing Manual for Awards Professionals was written by our senior consultants. After having run over 1,000 awards programs they have compiled the lessons learned, best practices and war stories in an easy to follow format.

We have released a free online course that covers all of the material in our book through a series of 10 chapters. Each chapter contains slides, audio, and a worksheet to go through.

If you are new to the awards industry, definitely set aside a few hours to go through all of this material. If you are a seasoned professional, skip right to the sections most relevant to you and be sure to download the worksheets.


  • Several hours of narrated slides and presentations
  • 9 Thorough Worksheets to help you plan and execute all phases of your program (CFE, Judging, Gala, Surveys, etc)
  • An example of the perfect Awards Website

Awards 101

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