The 6 Types of Tweets to Use for Your Awards Program

Tweets-397414-editedWith over 255 million active users each month sending a combined 500 million tweets daily, Twitter is a social media force where your business can gain some serious ground through effective use.

But, what does effective use even look like for awards marketing? With many of Twitter’s users not actually tweeting themselves, getting your company to connect with customers through more than an “apply now” tweet is vital.

The Formula

When tweeting about your awards program, you don’t want to constantly say the same thing; that’s boring and people will start ignoring you. It’s important to change up the kinds of tweets you’re sending out, while keeping them relevant and informative. Usually, nothing is as easy as just popping something into a formula and watching the engagement come pouring in. But by using just 6 simple tweets for your business, it can be.

1. Call for Entry

Tweeting about your call for entry is important to keep it top of mind. Your CFE should include a unique program hashtag and a link to your website. The hashtag is easy to forget, but it is important to start building the buzz of your awards program. Linking to your site seems obvious, but which site? Avoid the pitfall of linking to your organization’s home page instead of your awards website. Also be careful not to tweet about this too often otherwise you might come off as sounding too pushy or spammy. For example:

 We’re thrilled to announce we’re now accepting submissions for our 2015 #OpenWaterAwards! Learn more here: [link to awards website]

2. Awards Information

While your CFE is a great start to get your awards program up and running, it isn’t enough on its own. Sending out unique tweets about your judges and other information helps to build prestige while legitimizing your program. This step is often forgotten in the excitement and frenzy of planning. However, simple tweets like the one below will help entrants understand your program and get excited about what it has to offer.

→  Meet one of our judges for the 2015 #OpenWaterAwards! She knows more about awards than anyone else in the game: [attach photo & link to description on website]

3. Announcements

Formal announcements can help keep engagement high throughout your program. Turn to social media to disseminate information quickly and to all entrants. Of course, it’s important that you include a link as well for entrants that want further information. It’s a great idea to provide a specific link to a press release detailing the formal announcement or the announcement on your website. That way, you can keep your information organized and your entrants informed, like the tweet below does.

→  Congratulations on the finalists of the #OpenWaterAwards. See the full list of finalists here: [link to announcement on website]

4. Reminders & Deadlines

Your entrants are busy, and even the most motivated potential entrants might forget to finish their submission in time. Avoid the hectic nature of the last-minute entry rush by providing helpful reminders and deadlines on your social media accounts. You can avoid unforeseen entry complications when you put out simple reminder tweets just like the following and help entrants time their submissions just right!

→  #OpenWaterAwards early bird submissions close tonight at midnight EST. Get your discounted entry in today!

5. Event Planning

You’ll be a professional at creating unique hashtags for your awards program after your CFE. You can put this skill to good use when it comes to announcing and creating excitement around your awards gala. Take the time to create a unique hashtag and generate buzz as your CFE draws to a close and judging begins. That way, you can sell tickets and keep entrants interested in more than just your program. The tweet below is a great example of how you can create the excitement you’re looking for!

→  The judges are judging & we’re busy finishing up the details for the OpenWater Awards Gala! Register here: [link] #eventplanning #OWGala2015

6. Updates

Typically, just tweeting out the dates and times for events isn’t enough to keep anticipation high throughout your program. Instead, offer exciting updates about judge selection, the progress of your planning, as well as milestone achievements. Want to add even more appeal? Try a graphic image to break up your tweet from others, capturing attention just like the tweet below does:

→  Wow! We’ve hit 100 submissions for the #OpenWaterAwards! Can’t wait to see what the rest of the call for entry brings.

How does your company use Twitter for awards program marketing? Share in the comments below!

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