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Why There is 100% Uptime with OpenWater

Why There is 100% Uptime with OpenWater

Integrations: Our Lifeguard is on Duty

As you know, OpenWater securely connects to hundreds of external applications, called APIs. This makes your work easier and more efficient.

These APIs range from connections as familiar as social media “single sign on” options (e.g. using your Facebook account to log in) to more obscure integrations. We also have multiple CRM (customer relationship management), AMS (association management software), and LMS (learning management software) integration options. Oh: and client-specific custom integrations, too!

99.99% of the time these integrations operate seamlessly. Smooth sailing, sunny skies.

What happens if they don’t? One outage can gum up your program like barnacles on a boat. The nightmare possibility: this happens the day of a big event.

OpenWater’s ‘Best in Class’ Integration Protection Solution

You should never fear that an integration will let you down. Why? We are pleased to announce an industry-leading solution: MARIO.

MARIO proactively:

  • Tests ALL of your connected integrations EVERY DAY.

If something is offline or broken:

  • The tech and support teams are notified immediately.
  • They will address the issue(s) right away.

If, on the super-rare chance there is any delay that could impact you:

  • You will be notified with an estimate of when the integration will be fixed. There are no extra fees: this is our commitment to your program running smoothly.
  • You are never surprised by last-minute connection failures because (ta-da!) they’ve already been fixed and you didn’t have to do a thing.

100% Uptime for Single Sign On and AMS Integrations

The MARIO system is built-in insurance. The OpenWater team is notified right away, making any necessary 3rd-party fixes or patches. This is a FREE upgrade we are offering to all clients.

Sign Up Now — Here’s How

We are implementing MARIO across all client accounts.

To be first in line to implement MARIO on your program(s) contact your support representative.

Implementation takes just a few minutes.

We will work with you (or your tech team) to set up a new user on your system, (e.g. mario@yourorganization.com). We will grant this user permission to login once per day, test all of your connections, and report back.

That’s it! Nothing else is required.

Now, return to the main deck, stretch out on that lounge chair, and pour yourself a drink with an umbrella in it. Clear waters ahead.


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